The safety of the meeting

Meeting Slovenske piesky set as a goal to be enviable event, which is very friendly, restful and informal, with minimum of rules and restrictions. However, some of them are need to be observed. We will be glad, if you read the following and you will respect these instructions.

All participants in military vehicles

When entering to the exhibition, make sure that your sticker with the number is properly placed on your car. This is also necessary for assessment of the car.

Personal passes for exhibitors

These will be issued on arrival for each individual. Make sure you have the pass during the whole time with you, also your guest or companion. If he is going in the auxiliary vehicle, you must book your own pass. Additional passes will be available at the entrance to area.

Arrival for exhibitors and other participants

Arrival is possible from Tuesday 10th August morning; departure time is at the latest on Monday 16th of August, if not previously agreed otherwise


The nearest gas station is about 10 kilometres away, open 24 hours.

Exhibitors / static exposure

On arrival, sign at the reception, where you receive your welcome package. You can also settle pending bills and issues with the organizers before you move into your assigned area.


Entry of dogs is allowed, but they must be on leash and the owners are required to clean up after them.

Camp of the participants

In the camp, located close to arena, participants can build period camps. Its requested size and period please indicate in the application form. Organisers will assign you the best possible space. The best camp will be evaluated. In the camp the parking of civilian vehicles is not allowed. Any civilian objects must be covered with masking networks, or otherwise with the purpose not to disturb military character of the camp. Military vehicles can be parked at owners. In order to let visitors admire properly your vehicles, they should have the indication of type and history of the vehicle.

20 km / hour is the highest speed limit

This applies to the whole exhibition, apart from the space for driving and performances. Drivers have to comply with instructions of organisers and their assistants.

Movement of tracked vehicles

Any movement of the tracked vehicles in the area is possible when accompanied by at least one walking guard, which goes in front of the vehicle, having a clearly visible warning vest. Maximum permitted speed of 15 km / hour applies if you are not in the arena, where allowed speed is 40 km / hour; while driving on the route, limitation does not apply. Do not enter into security zone (zone 15 metres in front of the audience). All passengers must be seated during the dynamic demonstrations on the ordinary, not provisional seats. In the case of finding out, that you threatened the life of other participants or audience, you can be punished.

Movement of vehicles

We ask you, that the movement of vehicles in the camp is minimal. Doing so, you can limit the dust and increase the safety. To camping area, during the days for public from 9am till 6pm, the entrance to unregistered vehicles is not allowed. Vehicles may be used only to authorized persons. On Saturday, between 9am till 6pm children can not drive on motorcycles or motorbikes. All vehicles must comply with these measures, unless the organisers decide otherwise.

4 x 4 Routes

Entering to routes will be managed by organizers. During the hours, when the competition will take place in line with program, entering to routes is possible just to vehicles registered to concrete competition. In the free time, vehicles for free driving can enter to the route. To cover the costs there will be specified a symbolic fee. Hereby, decision of organisers will be final in every matter. Opening hours are 10am till 6pm, from Tuesday to Sunday. Participation in driving is at the own risk.

One way direction system

In operation there will be one way direction that all vehicles must respect. During Saturday, the vehicles may not leave the area between the hours of 9am to 6pm. The limitations apply, unless the organisers decide otherwise. All vehicles, which do not have an issued pass, will be stopped by organisers.


Allowed are just the weapons fitted to vehicles or those that are part of the static exposure. Those have to be safe and in line with current legal regulations. It is forbidden to bring grenades or pyrotechnics into the area, unless it was agreed with organisers otherwise. Organisers have to insist, that all weapons brought in the area for exposure are in line with current Slovak legislation. In the case of failure to comply with this instruction, it will not be allowed for the participant to re-enter the event. The compliance with these guidelines will contribute to maintenance of proper reputation of the parade Slovenske Piesky as “the family exhibition”.


Wearing uniforms is desirable. Uniforms of the countries Osy can be used as the part of demonstrations or in the camp, however it is not possible to move freely in the area if they have the symbols, which according to the law promotes Nazism, such as swastika etc. Wearing current uniforms and indications of seniority is due to subject of statutory provisions.


In the area there are premises aimed for car parking. Civilian cars, which will be located in the camp between 9am - 6pm, will be towed away to parking place. It is possible to ride a bike in the exhibition ground, of course with appropriate attention.

The exhibition of military vehicles

If you expose your car and sleep in the tent or caravan, it is necessary to have all your private things left in the back of the vehicle and parked it in front, which will contribute to the overall quality of the exhibition and draw attention to your vehicle.

Vehicles and safety at camping

The exhibition, as you know, is open to the general public and they therefore have access to your vehicle. Organizers can not be responsible for any loss or damage of your vehicle or its contents. In such circumstances, we recommend you, not to leave your vehicle without control. In the case you have to leave, ask one of co-exhibitor to supervise your car. After the return check out the vehicle in order to avoid not only the loss or the theft, but also possibly the insertion of anything suspicious inside the car or its vicinity.


Area of Zahorie is the space in the nature. In order to be invited also next year, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness and order. We kindly ask you to put the garbage into the prepared plastic bags and at departure from the exhibition put them into prepared deposit bin. Everyone is responsible for the cleanliness of his camp, until his/her departure.

Barbeque and open fire

Area of Zahorie is located in nature. It is assumed, that during the event, environment will be very dry and thus, flammable. Barbeques are permitted only if an extinguisher is at disposal and the fireplace is minimum 5 metres from flammable objects or green stand. The fireplace must be under constant supervision.

Fire extinguishers

Due to safety regulations, we must insist that all participants were equipped with appropriate functional fire extinguisher. These will be controlled upon arrival and during the exhibition.


They must comply with current legislation about health and safety protection (grouding). Ensuring the generator to meet the standard legislation will be at your own expenses and responsibility.

Fire protection

In the area there will be fire protection provided and 24 hour emergency medical services.
For this purpose to ensure the safety at the exhibition, the service is willing to help in any way fire protection. An advice doesn‘t cost anything, thus if you have some doubts about your security, come to consult with us.

Fire emergency and medical service will be clearly marked.

Bratislava, 15/01/2013